If you are interested in buying or selling of agricultural enterprises, their assets, management services, or consulting in agribusiness, our team of professionals is ready to offer the optimum solution to any issues and needs.

If you are planning to enter the agricultural market (see Assets map), our market expert examination and experience are always at your service!

This focus area of Ukrainian Agrarian Centre includes the following services:

  • Provision of a centralized platform for agribusiness purchase and sale.
  • Organisation and support for negotiations between the Buyer and the Seller of the enterprise.
  • Conducting in-depth audit of agricultural enterprises.
  • Comprehensive support for agribusiness purchase and sale transactions.
  • Further legal support for agricultural enterprises.

The Ukrainian Agrarian Centre team is ready to meet views of both Buyers and Sellers of agricultural enterprises. We will select the best option of agribusiness tailored to your needs, taking into account long-term price and risk parameters.