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Ukrainian Agrarian Centre has a team that can effectively advise on agricultural technologies at all stages of farming – starting from seed production, planning and growing crops ending with storage, transportation and logistics. The founders of Ukrainian Agrarian Centre are co-owners of agricultural enterprises with more than 10,000 hectares of total land cultivated. Each agro-technological operation can be clearly demonstrated in real conditions at our agricultural enterprises.


This work stream of Ukrainian Agrarian Centre includes the following services:

  • Planning. Introduction of agricultural technology for efficient plan of sowing and crop rotation as well as use of GPS-maps of lands indicating the history of sowings, soil quality and cultivation technologies will allow increasing crop yields significantly. This agricultural technology is provided by Studio of Agricultural Systems LLC.
  • Grain production. Many years’ experience in the use of seeds of the leading world producers (Monsanto, Syngenta, Pioneer, Euralis, Dow Agro Science, Maisadour) allows us obtaining a high quality crop through the introduction of own-made agricultural process flowcharts.
  • Land cultivation. Depending on the type of soil, its quality and condition of a crop, and based on the climatic conditions of our farms, we offer agricultural technologies using different types of tillage: zero tillage, minimum tillage and conventional tillage technologies. We are constantly participating in different conferences, round tables and events in Ukraine and abroad, such as Field Day, Argo Test Drive, agricultural exhibitions, which allows us a close monitoring of the latest trends in tillage. Our team consistently adheres to the philosophy of the value of land as the main factor of production. Only quality land preparation can provide a big harvest in the future.
  • Seeding. Different types of land resources allow using of powerful agricultural equipment. For seeding, depending on the soil type, we use in our farms and offer farmers an agricultural equipment of the leading world producers through the largest dealer network of agricultural equipment in Ukraine from our key partner in agribusiness Agroresurs LLC. In addition, based on the budget of farm enterprise, we offer second-hand agricultural equipment from Europe at our trading facilities in Rivne, Hlevakha and Vinnytsia.
  • Crop maintenance. Agricultural technology of automation of all processing stages allows increasing profitability and maintaining standards of product quality as well as its quick implementation at the agricultural enterprises of Ukrainian farmers. We use only genuine pesticides and combined fertilizers produced in Ukraine and comply with the principles of inadmissibility of excessive use of chemicals in soils. We are actively developing ideas of organic farming and attracting international funding for such projects.
  • Harvesting. Modern fleet of innovative agricultural equipment and vehicles guarantees reliability and efficiency of all agricultural works, which is especially important in the cropping period. Ukrainian Agrarian Centre offers a comprehensive agricultural technology of the use of combine harvesters and vehicles depending on a budget of commodity producers, which allows avoiding any mediators at this stage of agricultural production.
  • Storage. For drying, cleaning and storage of crop, Ukrainian Agrarian Centre offers modern agricultural technologies of the use of modern biofuel elevators implemented in our agricultural enterprises a few years ago.
  • Sale. Over the years of existence of our agribusiness, we have established reliable relationships with retail Customers and wholesale traders in Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to control over the whole production chain and the well-established communications, we bring additional income to our Customers, timely contracting large volumes of good quality products at the highest market price.

The Ukrainian Agrarian Centre team is ready to provide quality advice on agricultural technologies at all stages of farming and is interested in handing on our best agro-technological developments to Ukrainian farmers!