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Ukrainian Agrarian Centre was founded by fellow-thinkers who treat everything that is anyhow connected with agriculture with the utmost respect and honour. We consider each farm enterprise not only as a business but as a living organism.

Professionalism in rendering services, benefit for society and satisfaction from job make the core of our activity and a unifying factor for the Ukrainian Agrarian Centre team. Constant knowledge base expansion allows us to creatively treat everything we do.

Ukrainian Agrarian Centre is the only consulting company in Ukraine that renders a full range of services in agribusiness:

  • Purchase and sale of agricultural enterprises;
  • Attracting international agricultural investments;
  • Introduction of modern agricultural technologies;
  • Providing legal support for farm companies in Ukraine.

We offer our Customers, both Buyers and Sellers, a centralized platform for carrying out agribusiness. Thanks to Ukrainian Agrarian Centre, one can buy and sell an agricultural enterprise in a civilized manner, in accordance with applicable legislation and on the basis of complete confidentiality.

Realising the lack of financial resources in Ukraine, the team of Ukrainian Agrarian Centre is constantly searching for grant programs and favourable conditions of international financing for Ukrainian farm enterprises.

We cooperate only with leading companies that introduce modern agricultural technologies, including IT, using modern agricultural machinery and alternative energy sources in agrarian sector.

The Ukrainian Agrarian Centre team provides legal support to agrarian companies at all stages of economic activity and ensures the security of their business.

Thanks to considerable practical experience in agrarian business and law, we understand all the specifics of the industry, and therefore guarantee satisfaction of Customer’s needs. Our Customers always experience a professional approach to solving any matter, responsible attitude to detail and highly qualified advice from our experts.

The key activities of Ukrainian Agrarian Centre are: